Don’t stress about searching through your bag to find your passport – this special holder has got you covered! Amanda Smith, a commerce analytics manager, loves this wallet for its convenience and functionality.
When you’re on a trip, you need quick access to your driver’s license and passport. Many wallets and passport holders make it a hassle to take out your ID. The easy access feature of this one eliminates one less worry during a stressful journey.
Approximate cost: $55
I recommend: Personalized Passport Wallet


In our interconnected world, many of us love exploring different countries. Yet, one common struggle for travelers is dealing with those oddly shaped outlets abroad. Figuring out the right adapter for each country can be a real headache. That’s where the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter comes in as the go-to choice.

If you’re anything like us, that last-minute panic before an international trip is all too familiar. Suddenly, you realize you need a travel adapter, but you’re not sure which one, and you can’t remember where you stashed the ones from your last overseas adventure.

We tested the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter for our inaugural Travel Gear Awards, and it exceeded our expectations. With four plug types covering most countries and additional USB ports, it’s a must have. Don’t hesitate – grab at least two for your upcoming adventures.
Approximate cost: $30
I recommend: EPICKA International Wall Charger


A custom ABS Travel 3-piece Trolley Suitcase Luggage set is the epitome of personalized and practical travel gear. Crafted from durable ABS material, these suitcases offer robust protection against the rigors of travel. The three-piece set provides versatility for various trip lengths or multiple travelers.

The trolley design ensures easy navigation through airports with smooth-rolling wheels and a retractable handle. Customization allows you to add a personal touch, making your luggage easy to identify. With ample storage space, organized compartments, and sturdy construction, this custom ABS luggage set ensures you travel in style while keeping your belongings secure and well-organized.

Approximate cost: $30
I recommend: Custom ABS travel 3-piece Trolley Suitcase Luggage


The Apple AirTag is a cutting-edge tracking device designed to enhance the security and convenience of your travel experience. This small, coin-shaped gadget pairs seamlessly with your iPhone, integrating with the Find My app to help you keep tabs on your belongings. so we were a little doubtful about these AirTags – those tiny devices meant to go in your luggage so you can track it if it goes missing. But when three of our team members gave it a perfect five-star rating, we had to admit the hype was real.

I’ve been a bit anxious about checking my bags lately, hearing all those horror stories. Having an AirTag in my suitcase helped ease my nerves. I could check on it mid-flight (thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi) to make sure it was still with me,” says Kamari Stewart, our associate SEO editor, who threw an AirTag into her suitcase on a recent trip to Aruba.

Approximate cost: $30
I recommend: The Apple AirTag


The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is a must-have for any traveler seeking convenience and hygiene. This innovative bottle uses UV-C LED technology to purify both the water and the bottle itself, eliminating up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria. With a simple touch of a button, it activates the self-cleaning mode, ensuring a fresh and clean drinking experience wherever you go. The sleek design, durable construction, and vacuum insulation for temperature control make it ideal for adventures. Stay hydrated with confidence, knowing your water is pure, and enjoy the ease of a self-cleaning solution on your journeys.

Approximate cost: $30
I recommend: LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle


The Etekcity Luggage Scale is an essential travel companion that ensures you never exceed baggage weight limits. This compact and lightweight device allows you to weigh your luggage with precision, helping you avoid costly overweight fees at the airport. Featuring a clear LCD display and a user friendly design, the Etekcity Luggage Scale makes it easy to read and handle. Its durable strap securely attaches to your luggage for efficient weighing, and the scale itself is small enough to fit into your travel essentials. With this handy tool, you can travel confidently, knowing your luggage meets airline requirements.

Approximate cost: $30
I recommend: Etekcity Luggage Scale


The Coolife Luggage Suitcase is an indispensable travel companion, offering a perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality. Engineered with a robust, scratch-resistant hard shell, this suitcase offers exceptional protection for your belongings. Its spinner wheels ensure smooth maneuverability through busy airports, and the telescoping handle provides effortless control.

The interior features organized compartments, compression straps, and a zippered pocket for efficient packing. The Coolife suitcase also expands for extra storage space, adapting to your travel needs. With a TSA-approved lock for added security and a sleek design, this luggage combines functionality and fashion, making it an essential companion for hassle-free and stylish choice for any traveler.

Approximate cost: $215
I recommend: The Coolife Luggage Suitcase


The Apple 3-in-1 Charging Station is a must-have accessory for Apple device users, combining convenience and organization in one sleek design.

This charging station is specifically designed to simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. With dedicated spaces for each device, it helps keep your workspace or bedside table tidy. The integrated wireless charging pad for the iPhone eliminates the need for multiple cables, providing a seamless and clutter-free charging experience. The compact and stylish design makes it easy to incorporate into any environment, ensuring your essential Apple devices are always charged and ready to go.

Approximate cost: $47
I recommend: The Apple 3-in-1 Charging Station


When you’re going on a trip, there are a few things you really can’t do without. One super handy item is a magnetic wireless portable charger. It’s like a magic box that gives your phone power without any messy wires. No more hunting for outlets or dealing with tangled cables. This little gadget keeps your phone alive and kicking, perfect for when you’re exploring new places or just chilling at the airport. It’s small, it’s convenient, and it’s a lifesaver for your phone battery. So, make sure you toss one of these in your bag

Approximate cost: $47
I recommend: Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger


Let’s talk about a cool gadget you need when you’re on the go – a WiFi 4G LTE mobile hotspot router. Imagine this little thing as your personal WiFi superhero. It’s like a magic box that gives you internet power wherever you are. So, even if there’s no WiFi around, you’re covered. Just turn on your hotspot, and boom, you’ve got internet for your phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s perfect for road trips, remote places, or when you just need your own private WiFi bubble. Put it in your bag, and you’re good to go – staying connected has never been so easy!

Approximate cost: $206
I recommend: WiFi 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Router

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