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Embark on a personally tailored voyage reflecting your unique travel dreams with Luxlav. Our dedicated luxury travel designers plan every detail, unleashing wonders found in the world's most glorious far-flung locales and exotic cultures.

Luxlav Travel Services

Bespoke adventures await, immersing you in rugged natural grandeur, serene spiritual havens, effervescent world capitals, charming old-world villages, and thrilling expeditions checking off bucket list ambitions.
A Proven Track Record

With insider connections, we secure VIP access to outstanding locales and open doors, leading the curious to understand places and offering glimpses into destinations' authentic arts, talents, and traditions.

Custom cruises with ocean view suites, privately guided African safari tour led by renowned wildlife experts, helicopter sightseeing revealing stunning new perspectives, and charming boutique hotel stays conjure blissful feelings on luxury living awaiting every new place.

We plan completely customized luxury travel adventures and celebrations. You pick perfect places and activities - we handle everything else.

Group/ family Travel Made Easy

Planning travel for big groups like family reunions, school trips, teams, weddings, or corporate outings? Let Luxlav handle everything from start to finish so you can just have fun! We take care of flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, meals, events, and more

Bachlelor & bachelorette

Let us wow your wedding crew with a specially designed celebration trip, packing tons of fun into every moment! From beach getaways to party cities, our insider connections line up VIP treatment perfect for your bachelor/bachelorette event.

Solo Journeys & Staycations

Craving soul-stirring adventures abroad or blissful local weekend escapes? Either way, Luxlav plans enriching personalized itineraries, blending excitement, culture, serenity, and indulgence into amazing tailored travel just for you!

birthday dream trips

Milestone birthdays come once, so make yours spectacular! Share sunny beaches with friends in paradise? Dance the night away in a glittering city? Safari under African skies? You name the dream, our luxury travel planners make it a reality.

Business Travel

Luxlav offers a luxury business travel service that takes care of booking and planning your travel to any international event or domestic destination, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience.

HoneyMoon & romance.

Planning a romantic getaway with your loved one? Let Luxlav handle everything, from trip planning to room setup, to make it a special occasion for you both.

If You Feel Overwhelmed Planning Trips?

Luxlav Travel helps take off the pressure.

  • Need more time to sort every travel detail?

  • Need help to book crowded flights and hotels?

  • Constant transportation headaches?

  • Is it hard to help to make sure everyone enjoys group trips?

  • Are you worried about languages abroad?

  • Are you confused by foreign money and costs?

  • Need to be more sure about blending into new cultures?

  • Concerns around vaccine rules and doctor visits?

No Problem...

Luxury travel with Luxlav keeps things easy. Our travel helpers connect you to top destinations. We know how to find deals, book rooms, and plan fun tours.

With us, you can just look forward to your vacation. Everything else gets handled behind the scenes. Pack your bags and leave the hard parts to the travel experts!

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”



Have questions about booking with us? We've got you covered! Below are answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to friendly team for personalized answers.
Why should I book with you instead of through an online booking site?
With LuxLav Travel you get an exceptional assistant before and after your trip. We have partnerships, and personal connections with many different agencies to provide great, budget friendly services, hassle free.
Do I have to pay upfront for my vacation?
Agency planning fees will be due upfront before you receive a proposal. But there may be a deposit requirement which is set by the suppliers when booking your tip.
Is there a planning fee?
  • There is a non-refundable flat fee of 50.00 per trip/per occasion for parties of 1-4.

  • There is a non-refundable flat fee of 100.00 per trip/per occasion for parties of 5-8.

  • There is a non-refundable flat fee of 150.00 per trip/per occasion for parties of 9-12.

  • There is a non-refundable flat fee of 300.00 per trip/per occasion for parties of 13 or more.

  • If Luxlav LLC is planning travel documents there is an additional non-refundable $30.00 charge per person.

  • Theses charges are due at the end of 30 minute phone consultation. Proposal will not be started until all fees are paid. The deposit entitles you a maximum of 2 proposals in no more than 1 destination and is valid for 14 days. By paying the $50.00 deposit, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms. Any additional proposals withing the 14 days are $5.00 after 14 day expires a new booking in required.

Please View our Terms and Conditions

How long does it take to receive personalized gifts?

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How do I book a Consultation?

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What if I need to Cancel, or Change my trip reservation?
If you change or cancel a reservation or booking, after the proposal approval of the lead traveler stage you may be subject to: Agency fees of USD 50.0 Per Trip, Per Person. ; AND Supplier fees, charges, or penalties. NO REFUNDS will apply to any cancelled, unused, or partially used Travel Service. Hotels may not permit changes to or cancellation Please view our Terms and Conditions
Can I split my payments with another person on the trip?
Yes! You may pay with multiple cards and split payments.
What important information should I have before booking with you?
Ideally, you should have a budget and fill it out in the form so we can put the most realistic package together for you.
Escape the Ordinary...

Book with us for an extraordinary travel experience.